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Michael Brown

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  • Edgecombe County Veteran's Museum, Tarboro, North Carolina, detail from 125´ X 30´ mural. “I have worked all over the state of North Carolina and although I have paintings from Miami to Chicago I consider myself a North Carolina artist.”

  • Raleigh Amtrak Station, 70´ X 30’. “I painted this portrait of a famous steam locomotive that used to pass through North Carolina daily. For a mural painter it is an artistic challenge to paint perspective on such a grand scale. Accurate details were important.”

  • Yates Motor Company, Chapel Hill, NC, 100´ X 14´. “I wanted to design the mural around the existing trees so I created an artistic collage of different landscapes celebrating North Carolina trees.”

  • The old Chapel Hill Post Office on Franklin St., detail of the 22´ X 7´ painting commemorating founding of Chapel Hill and The University of North Carolina.
    “Local people posed for many of the figures in this mural.”

“The mural painted for Tarboro's Veterans is a special architectural landmark in our town. His art is special because it included so much input from individuals in the community. ”

Major General Joe Spiers,
USAF Retired
Board of Directors, Edgecombe County Veteran’s Museum