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Michael Brown

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  • Brookshire Suites Hotel, Baltimore, Maryland, 70´ X 70´ X 120´ “A modern art approach was appropriate to this building for both stylistic and budgetary reasons. It went from gray concrete to a city landmark.”

  • Detail of the Durham (NC) Bulls Athletic Park, 32´ X 24. “A hand-painted North Carolina icon, it snorts smoke and wags its tail. Art can be fun and this mascot mural, based on antique signage, is one of my favorites.”

  • New Hope Elementary School Gym, Hillsborough, NC, detail of the 100´ X 10´ mural. “I worked with elementary school art students. We studied Matisse, and then together we designed (and painted!) this mural.”

  • Chapel Hill High School field house, Chapel Hill,NC 12´ X 14´ each side. “I returned 30 years after graduation to paint these and other murals for my high school, with art student help on some of them.”