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Michael Brown

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  • Trompe-l’eoil wine cellar, 9´ X 7´.
    “The wine bottle in the foreground of the mural is real. The rest of the mural is hand painted on site. As a mural painter the challenge in trompe l’oeil painting are at the edges where faux intersects with realty.

  • Sunrise Dental Practice, Chapel Hill, NC.
    “Working from dusk until dawn when the patients were not there, I hand painted murals on the walls and ceilings in all 10 dental operatories.”

  • Foyer, private home, Mebane, NC, 80´ X 7´, imitation Zuber wall paper.
    “What a treat it is for a mural painter to learn from the architectural art and decorative masters of the past.”

  • Detail from full restaurant interior, the original Margaret's Cantina of Chapel Hill.
    “This had to be a quick and affordable mural, completed while the restaurant was closed for a day. My assistant and I painted the whole place with simple murals of mesas appropriate to the Cantina’s southwestern cuisine.”

  • Restaurant Interior, Durham NC, detail of a 30´ x 18´ mural.
    “This coffee shop asked for a mural of the Parthenon. I tried to exceed expectations with this painting in difficult perspective.”

“He is an extremely easygoing and receptive artist. He takes your general art idea and kicks it five levels higher in your mural.”

Carolyn Christians, Architect