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Michael Brown

How to Commission Art with Michael Brown

Executing murals and decorative art for all budgets

Michael has completed murals and other artworks ranging in cost from less than $1,000 up to $100,000. Factors that affect cost include the size of the work, its style and complexity, the condition and location of the site, and the difficulty of execution. Highly realistic work is the most labor-intensive and usually the most costly. Artwork higher than 20 feet above ground adds cost. Based on these factors and his long experience, Michael is skilled at accurately estimating the real cost of the type of mural a client wants. He works on a sliding scale so that nonprofit clients for whom fund raising is an issue can have the artwork they want. He prides himself on developing affordable solutions.

Consulting services

Michael provides free initial consultations and rough sketches to prospective clients. He will brainstorm with them and help refine their ideas. For a reasonable daily rate he can also be hired as a resource in the development phase of art projects to help designers, facility managers, or architects explore ways to incorporate art into their plans.

For designers

Michael works with residential and commercial designers on a commission basis.

“Being a business organization we appreciate Michael’s no-nonsense approach to the financial part of art. Once committed to our mural projects, there was no second guessing or need for additional funding.”

William Kalkhof, President, Downtown Durham, Inc.