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Michael Brown

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  • Town Parking Deck, Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Detail from 70´ X 24´ mural.
    “As a mural painter I enjoyed the artistic challenges of painting an underwater scene and painting animals.”

  • A landscape mural of sky and oak trees in a residential foyer and ceiling, and some faux finish. Private client

  • Chatham County Public Library, Children’s Reading Room.

    Detail from 70´ X 8´ mural.
    Architectural art for a public art client. This painting circles an entire rotunda.
    “Imagination Takes Flight”

  • Durham Amtrak Station, detail from 80´ X 20´ mural.
    “I do both interior murals and exterior murals. Over decades I’ve done all kinds of wall art for all kinds of clients. This was public art to help people find the new train station.”

“Michael is a great collaborator and a unique artist. His fantastic technical skill as an artist is a joy to behold and he knows how to really listen carefully and respond creatively.”

Louis Cherry, RATIO Architects, Principal