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Michael Brown

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  • Acrylic on panel approx. 12” x 24”. A landscape painting of Magnolia View Farm.

  • Acrylic on panel, approx. 30” x 40”. An artistic heirloom quality painting based on a treasured family photo.

  • “The late writer and UNC professor Max Steele commissioned a painting from this photo of his grandmother.”

  • Acrylic on panel approx. 48” x 36”, Rapids on the Haw River.
    “I painted this landscape in central North Carolina.”

  • Acrylic on panel approx. 48” x 36”
    “A landscape painting in North Carolina can present a challenge for an artist”

  • Acrylic on panel approx. 48”x36” Calm water. “To tell you the truth I painted this artwork just for the pleasure of examining the way light wriggles on creek stones.”

“Michael’s commissioned landscapes of our farm are heirlooms that will be treasured art in our family for generations.”

Ann Hogan Leonard, Owner, Magnolia View Farm