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Michael Brown

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  • Interior of the historic train station in Wilson, NC, 20´ X 8´.
    “This historical mural was painted to represent scenes and symbols from North Carolina’s railroading past. Even with the internet murals still sometimes take a long time in the library.”

  • The Orange County Courthouse in Hillsborough, NC, six panels each 8´ X 18´, commemorating 250 years of history. Shown: 3 of 6 panels. “This historical mural was painted over six months in my studio and then installed on New Years Day. You can imagine the people’s surprise when they returned to work.”

  • Greensboro Public Library, Main Branch, Greensboro, NC.
    Detail of the 40´ X 7´ mural of the city's history in the main lobby.
    “This public art fills the library’s rotunda with prominent Greensboro figures from the past. The mural also includes important architecture and historical documents from the region. The library created an interactive display to guide viewers through the historical references in the painting.”

  • Meadowmont Club House, Chapel Hill, NC 16´ X 18´.
    “As a painter I am fascinated by the effects of light on water. This mural shows local medal- winning swimmers and scenes of aquatic sport at UNC Chapel Hill.

“Because of Michael Brown, we have a permanent masterwork of mural art to commemorate the 250th birthday of Orange County and our community’s impact on history. His careful research and vetting of details, brought to life with his artistic talent, gave us a magnificent panorama of our local triumphs, struggles and heroes.”

Honorable Joseph Moody Buckner,
Chief District Judge, Orange and Chatham Counties